The Mutants are so far have been shown to be enemies to the ThunderCats and have went out of the're way to seek out and try to destroy them.


The mutants come from the planet Plun-Darr. Using their Mutant Mothership, they chased the ThunderCats to Third Earth, which the cats crashed on. Since then they have been seeking to get the ThunderCats.

Later, the Berbils built for them their new mainstay, Castle Plun-Darr, which the four mutants live.


  • Slithe - He is the leader of the mutants, ruthless.
  • Vultureman - He is the mechanic of the group. He has been shown to be the most competent of the mutants.
  • Monkian - He is the muscles of the mutants.
  • Jackalman - He is the fighter of the group. He is somewhat dumb as well.


  • Mutant Mothership - Was shown in use when attacking the ThunderCats when leaving Thundera. When the ThunderCats crash landed on Third Earth, the ship was still used to attack them. The ship was later swatted by Mumm-Ra. The status of the ship since then is unknown.
  • Sky Cutter - A flying device with a laser on the front.




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