The Mutant Mothership was the ship the four mutants used to chase the ThunderCats when they fled Thundera. It played a part in making them crash land on Third Earth.


It was used by the mutants as transportation to invade Thundera. Later, as the ThunderCats were fleeing the destruction of Thundera, the four mutants (Slithe, Vultureman, Monkian, and Jackalman) used the ship to chaise the ThunderCats to Third Earth. Later, they had a confrontation on Third Earth with the cats again, using the Mothership. Panthro was able to damage the ship to the point that the mutants had to retreat. Later, Lion-O ran into the mutants, which then they got back into they repaired Mothership. As the mutants seemed to have won the battle, they were swatted by Mumm-ra, which didn't like them trespassing near his Black Pyramid. It is unknown if the ship survived the ordeal.

Powers and Abilities

The ship has been shown to be able to be used both in space and in the air on Third Earth. It had two built in lasers on the front as well as dock to launch bombs. It also is suggested to be able to hold a large number of mutants for transportation.



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