The Mutant Buggy is a simple land based vehicle the mutants use in ThunderCats Roar.


It was briefly shown in use when going to the beach, it serves as the mutants counterpart to the ThunderCat's ThunderBuggy. It was later used to chase Lion-O, and shows decent speed when needed.

Physical Description

It looks like a anthropomorphic buggy, including eyes and mouth with tongue. It has built in spikes in all four of it's tires, and two rather large exhaust pipes that go up in the air. It also features a eye on the left and right sides near the back tires. It also has a yellow flag with the text "Cool" written on it.



  • Like the ThunderBuggy, it seems to loosely based on the classic Hanna-Barbera character "Speed Buggy", which was a anthropomorphic buggy.



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