‘’Mumm-Rana" is the sixty third episode of ThunderCats (original series)


After a space battle with the Mutants, the group escapes in pods and land near a White Pyramid. Inside they meet Mumm-Rana, who is Mumm-Ra's exact opposite.

Mumm-Ra takes control of her mind so he could use her as she is Good, to defeat the ThunderCats. The Sword of Omens could not be used against her. She swiftly banishes them. A trick encounter however revealed to her that the mutants were evil, and that the ThunderCats were shown not to be. She gave Lion-O back his sword and as Mumm-Ra was seeing his plans foiled, he tried to attack them, and saw his reflection and fled. Mumm-Rana was then weak as she had been away from her pyramid too long. The ThunderCats too her back to her pyramid.




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