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‘’Mumm-Ra Lives!, Part 5" is the seventy fifth episode of ThunderCats (original series)


The ThunderCats look for Sky Tomb to free the slaves imprisoned inside it. Bengali must learn the importance of teamwork as Lion-O leaves him with guard duty.

Lynx-O and Cheetara run reconnaissance to find out if Mumm-Ra is truly back or not. Lion-O and the other Thundercats see Mumm-Ra for the first after his "death" at Sky Tomb, and discover that he can no longer be harmed by his own reflection anymore. The Ancient Spirits of Evil have made him more powerful when they revived him.

However, Lynx-O and Cheetara arrive in time to save the others using a magical talisman for good found inside Mumm-Ra's own pyramid. The Thundercats manage to escape, and leave the Lunatacks fighting amongst themselves for the artifact.




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