Mudhog King
Mudhog king.jpg
First appearance | Mandora - The Evil Chaser
Last appearance | Mandora - The Evil Chaser
Name | Mudhog King
Gender | Male
Affiliation | Mudhog
Weapon(s) | Subjects
Voiced by | Bob McFadden

The Mudhog King is the monarch of the Mudhogs. He sits on a throne made out of stone from where he commands the hogs using snorts as a means of communication. Like his subjects, he also resembles a warthog in appearance and has two short tusks protruding from the sides of his mouth. He is slightly larger in size than the other Mudhogs and while they wear a blue shirt, he wears a reddish brown top. He also dons a crown and a belt. 

The Mudhog King and his subjects dwell underground and lie in wait for any unsuspecting victim to wander into their territory before they ambush and capture him or her. Any valuable items that the Mudhogs confiscate from their victims are presented to the king. Just like the Mudhogs, the king is also unable to withstand bright light.

In Mandora - The Evil Chaser when the Mudhogs succeed in capturing Mandora , Quick-Pick , Lion-O and Snarf, the king comes into possession of the Sword of Omens and Snarf's Coin Purse. However, Quick-Pick succeeds in swiping the sword form the king and returning it to its rightful owner.


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