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Moon Stryker is the turquoise SilverHawk which was introduced in episode "Battle Cruiser" along with Condor.


Most of Moon Stryker's back story is unknown, but he was confirmed to be a new model when he joined the SilverHawks. He explained that all future SilverHawks would have built in flight abilities. He is a bit young and sometimes is too quick to action. He is a marksman shooter, which he demonstrated when he first meet Stargazer.


Moon Stryker is a SilverHawk, meaning that he is a law enforcement officer enhanced with increased physical abilities. He is the latest model, meaning that he most likely has superior enhancements to the older models, though perhaps not to Flashback. He has built in wings that enable him to glide and lasers for combat ability, the former he uses rarely as they are more for back up while the latter he uses to great effect due to his sharp shooter skill. He has a built in turbine belt that he uses to fly in atmospheres or space. He also has a hawk like face cover that he uses when flying or fighting.