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First appearance | Exodus
Last appearance | Return to Thundera, Part 4
Name | Monkian
Gender | Male
Race | Monkians
Affiliation | Mutant
Weapon(s) | Mace, Morning Star, Shield that shoots projectiles
Voiced by | Peter Newman

Monkian is a fictional character in the animated television series ThunderCats. He is a member of the evil Mutants. He is a humanoid monkey. ("Exodus")

Character information

Skilled reconnaissance

While Monkian may not be the smartest of the Mutants, he is a very good spy. It is usually Monkian who obtains information about the ThunderCats. In the episode "Trouble with Time", Monkian learns that the ThunderCats are searching for Thundrilliam which fuels all their equipment. When he informs the other mutants, they agree that they must prevent the ThunderCats from finding their fuel so that the Mutants will have an advantage. Sometimes Monkian secures knowledge indirectly from his informants. For example, in the second episode of the "Anointment Trials", Monkian tells Slithe that his information came from his best source, a female whom he claims to have met in a tree. Nevertheless, Monkian plays a key role for the Mutants.

Relationships with other Mutants

Monkian normally never quarrels with any of the Mutants but occasionally is shown to be mildly rebellious toward Slithe. In the episode "Eye of the Beholder", when Monkian tells Jackalman that the Sword of Omens is unguarded, Jackalman suggests they should tell Slithe, but Monkian asserts the two of them should instead work privately as a team; then, once they have the Sword, they can put Slithe back in the kitchen where he belongs. In another episode, "Trouble With Time", Slithe and Monkian complain about the quality of their food while Jackalman seems to enjoy it; Slithe instructs Monkian to find a cook, saying that a woman's touch is needed. Monkian mumbles to himself, "Chauvinist reptile," but when Slithe then demands to know what was said, Monkian quickly complies with the order.

Monkian may not be very fond of Slithe at times, but he and Jackalman prefer Slithe's leadership over Ratar-O. When Ratar-O first arrives in the episode "The Feliner", he barks at the Mutants to stand at attention and to call him sir. Slithe, Monkian, and Jackalman decide to go along regardless of this harsh treatment because they think Ratar-O's plan could work, but the three of them are clearly uncomfortable submitting to such orders. In the second part of the episode, after Ratar-O's plan fails, Slithe assumes command once again and promises Vultureman and Ratar-O that he will settle with them later. Monkian and Jackalman instantly back him up despite later facing Ratar-O's displeased punishment as effected by the fearsome Rat's Eye power emanating from his two daggers.

Less brain, more brawn

In some cases, Monkian's ignorance hurts the Mutants' plans to defeat the ThunderCats. In the episode "The Fireballs of Plun-Darr", Monkian is eager to blast the intruders from their new fuel room which is capable of launching fireballs over long distances. Tygra, Lion-O, and Willa seal the door, but once Monkian melts it down, his weapon inadvertently sparks into the room to ignite the fuel, setting off a flurry of explosions which destroy the fireball launcher and tear through Castle Plun-Darr.

Despite sometimes seeming mentally challenged, such behavior usually brings out the humorous side of Monkian's character. For example, in the episode "Trouble With Time", when trying to explain his findings about the Thundrilliam, Monkian is so hyperactively excited that Slithe must tell him to slow down. The Mutants manage to piece together what he is attempting to communicate before he actually gets the chance to explain, at which Monkian disappointedly sighs, "That's what I've been trying to say!"


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