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Ancient Monkeys

Monkeys, or Monkians, are one of the major sapient races on Third Earth. Like many of the other animal races, they arrived on the planet thousands of years ago after escaping enslavement from Mumm-Ra and they are currently at risk of falling into his clutches once more.

Origin and History

Countless centuries ago, the Monkeys were one of the many alien species enslaved under Mumm-Ra and were forced to be part of his army. Eventually the leaders of the other races would form an alliance to rebel against Mumm-Ra and successfully defeat him, thus freeing the Monkeys and the other imprisoned races. However the starship which carried them fell off course and landed on Third Earth. The Monkeys and the other races would eventually rebuild their civilizations once more on this new world and the events of the past would fade over time as nothing more than myth and legends.

The current state of the Monkey race is unknown, but a lone criminal Monkey by the name of Addicus was recruited by Mumm-Ra to join his army in hopes of not only gaining a new general but also to entice members of his people to join his army.


Addicus, a modern Monkey.

The Monkeys are hairy bipedal primates whose facial features widely vary between individual. Ancient Monkeys appeared to have dark colored fur and tails while the only seen present Monkey, Addicus has white fur and no tail.

Known Monkeys


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