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First appearance | Mongor
Last appearance | Mongor
Appeared in | Mongor
Name | Mongor
Gender | Male
Species | Satyr
Voiced by | Bob McFadden

I am the power of everything you fear! I am in everything you see! I am all around you... above you... beneath you... I am Mongor!

Mongor is a goat-like demon who grows in power where ever he finds fear. He was released from his tomb by Wilykat and Wilykit when they were exploring a ruined temple on Third Earth. He was later defeated by Lion-O when it was discovered that fear gives him power and bravery deprives him. He was resealed in his tomb and wasn't seen again for the rest of the series.


  • Mongor (1st appearance) first season episode 19


  • Mongor's overall appearance is heavily based on real-life mythical figures of Baphomet or the mythological creature satyr.


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