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Melodia is a Gunner in Mon*Star's gang and the only female villain.


She at the beginning of the series was a great powerhouse for Mon*Star and would actually enjoy her job.[1]

However, later in the season her loyalty seemed to have fallen into question. She had turned on Mon*Star two times, once with Yes-Man,[2] and later with Poker-Face.[3] However, she seems to be the type that always wants protection, even though she is quite powerful herself. So, Mon*Star has forgiven her both times, as he knows her weakness and her abilities are greatly needed.

Powers and Abilities

She uses a Keytar, a movable musical synthesizer called a "Sound Smasher". The laser is a pink color of sheet music with music notes. There is one occasion when her laser music was white as she had turned good.[4]



In the episode The Great Galaxy Race, she had stolen Copper Kidd's and Mon'Star's ship, believing she had failed to stop it, sent the vaporizer beam toward her, disintegrating the ship and supposedly her along. The only explanation of her happening appearing in the series would be that she noticed the approach of lightning and jumped from the ship in a cut sequence of the episode.