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Mega-condensers are highly specialized components used for vehicles.  Perhaps required for spaceships, the exact purpose is unknown, but at least two mega-condensers are known to exist:

  • The hyper-space mega-condenser in the Ratstar that is salvaged for use in the Feliner
  • Panthro mentions there being one in the ThunderTank, but it is unknown if it is hyper-space grade


In Feliner, Part 1, Panthro mentions needing a mega-condenser in order to finish the FelinerSnarf suggests that the Ratstar might have one, which Panthro agrees is a good idea.  Thus, in Feliner, Part 2, the ThunderCats attempt to track down the Ratstar's mega-condenser.

Mumm-Ra absconds with the device before the ThunderCats arrive, but eventually Lion-O tracks it down and takes possession of it.

In a later episode it is revealed that the ThunderTank has a mega-condenser as well.


  • Snarf refers to it as "mega-dingus"
  • ThunderCats outtakes include the Lion-O voice actor Larry Kenney struggling with the line: "Let's find the mega-condenser".