‘’The Mechanical Plague is the forty eighth episode of ThunderCats (original series)

Mumm-Ra takes advantage of the ThunderCats being separated as they make their own home movies. He summons the greatest mechanical adversaries in an attempt to destroy them.


Panthro invents flying video cameras which are suppose to record the events that take place on third-earth so they could create their own holographic time capsule. Mumm-Ra, in the hope of destroying the Thundercats once more, revives the great mechanical monsters which the Thundercats have destroyed in the past and has them attack. He revives the Mutant Warbot, Driller, Mechanosect, and the Technopede.






  • In the final scene of this episode, Panthro tells Snarf "there's a hidden Hamlet in every comic". Hamlet, a prince, is the name of a character created by William Shakespeare in a tragic play of the same name.

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