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Mako is the leader of the TigerSharks, in 1987 animated series TigerSharks.



Somewhat quiet type, a bit of a stick in the mud type. However, for being the leader of the TigerSharks, he seems to be willing to let others in the group speak and in some cases do what they think is right, trusting in their decisions. Usually, he does take the lead in missions that involve groups, orchestrating them. He tends to put up with Dolph‎, but hints that he rather move on from the jokes in a given conversation.

Powers and Abilities

He is the main leader of the TigerSharks and is a expert at underwater combat. Usually good thinker on the go, can throw together plans pretty quickly. He transforms to a human/mako shark hybrid when using the Fish Tank. His fish form grants him speed and the fins to slice through objects.





  1. The information is from "Wikipedia" and "IMDb", which is User-generated content. The direct credit has never been confirmed. However, he did get accredited for "Voice Characterization" in the series end credits.