Lynxana the Hunter
First appearance | Jaga Quest (Issue 4)
Last appearance | Unknown
Appeared in | Star Comics and UK Comics
Name | Lynxana
Gender | female
Species | Thunderian
Affiliation | Formerly ThunderCats

Lynxana is a Thunderian bounty hunter and former ThunderCat. She was banished from Thundera after she started a rebellion against the ThunderCat council.

Lynxana is the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. She was hired by the Mutants of Castle Plun-Darr to capture the ThunderCats, due to Mumm-ra disguising himself as Jaga. One by one she captures all the ThunderCats but Lion-O. She first catches Wilykat and Wilykit by net while they are out on their spaceboards. Using special mushrooms, she is able to knock both Panthro and Tygra unconscious. Lynxana then manages to trap Cheetara and Snarf by tricking them with calls of distress.

Eventually, Lynxana goes after Lion-O. However, he evades capture by breaking free of the force field she uses to entrap him with the Sword of Omens. A battle ensues, and Lynxana mentions she is glad Jaga is watching this, tipping Lion-O off that something is amiss. Her "Jaga" turns out to be Mumm-Ra, as seen through the Sword of Omens' 'sight beyond sight'. Recognizing Mumm-Ra as evil, Lynxana helps Lion-O battle against Mumm-Ra, defeating him.

Afterwards, Lion-O and Lynxana call a truce, and he asks that his friends be given their freedom, which she gives.

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