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Lynx-O is the oldest ThunderCat alive. He was blinded by fire before Thundera exploded. He has been able to fine-tune his other senses because of this. A Braille board was made for him, so he could learn about the Lunataks. Now it is used to help guide through the Forest of Mist and to learn about other things before the rest of the ThunderCats learn about them. Lynx-O is based on the Lynx.


Lynx-O, Pumyra, and Bengali tried to board the Thundercats flagship as it left the dying planet of Thundera, but by the time they got close they were too late. Fortunately they were rescued by a pair of Berbils, their ship was damaged and crashed on Third Earth, on a deserted island where the Thunderians and Berbils made their new home. When Mumm-Ra discovered there were other Thunderians on Third Earth, he sent the Berserkers to capture them, The Thunderians fought hard against them, but were ultimately captured. After being taken to Fire Rock Mountain, the Thunderians eventually managed to get away.

After reuniting with their fellow Thunderians, Lynx-O was the only one among his friends who knew that they had been saved by Lion-O, Lord of the ThunderCats, and Lion-O made he, Pumyra, and Bengali ThunderCats.

Realizing the threat posed by the wise Lynx-O, Mumm-Ra once ordered a being called Amortus to destroy Lynx-O. While piloting the ThunderStrike, Lynx-O was attacked by the Amortus and the Thunderstrike crashed, after crashing the Amortus touched Lynx-O's face, and used his powers to make Lynx-O believe himself to be an outcast. Lynx-O left with the Amortus for the land of no return, when there, the Amortus again touched Lynx-O, and he began to turn to stone. But the other Thundercats were coming to rescue their friend, and Lion-O freed the other warriors kept imprisoned by Amortus, and they soon defeated their captor. Lynx-O was free, grateful to be back to his old self.


The oldest and wisest of the new ThunderCats, possessed of a great clarity of vision, all the ThunderCats look to Lynx-O for insight. Lynx-O uses his blindness to his advantage, with his lack of sight enabling him to always look beneath the surface for a heart of a problem. Lynx-O's calm, rational personality provides the perfect counterpoint to Pumyra and Bengali's more youthful temperaments, and as such is very much the vital link within their team.

Powers and Abilities

Finely-honed hearing and other senses as a result of blindness and possesses a 'nerve pinch' which instantly knocks an enemy out. He carries a device called the Light Shield with him for protection against attacks.