Luna inspired.jpg
First appearance | Mumm-Ra Lives!, Part 2
Last appearance | Cracker's Revenge
Name | Luna
Gender | Female
Affiliation | Lunataks
Voiced by | Lynne Lipton

Luna is a diminutive sorceress, now the leader and chief strategist of the Lunataks. Because of her small form, she is carried around and cared for by Amok, her servant.


Cruel and caustic, Luna commands the Lunataks by birthright. Evil and cruel, Luna's ability to devise inventive and sometimes detailed schemes is hampered only by the ambitions of her fellow Lunataks, and the dissention that is bread within the ranks by her authoritative style of leadership.

Luna at one time recovered the magical belt once worn by her grandmother, Queen Luna, and used its power to grow tall and mobile again, but reverted in size when the belt was later destroyed.




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