Lucy was once a giant caterpillar-like creature, now a giant butterfly that is Ponzi's mode of transportation.


Lucy started out in life as a caterpillar helping her master, Ponzi, a salesman. Then one day when the pair met the ThunderCats. The Cats were so impressed with Ponzi's potions that they asked for more. Unfortunately his supplies were all gone and he would need to make a new batch from scratch. So the Cats, Ponzi, and Lucy traveled to the Caracara Tree to retrieve some of its leaves for the potions. Unfortunately, Lucy got hungry and ate all the Caracara leaves she could find. After being scolded by Ponzi she crawled up the Caracara tree and cocooned herself, seemingly out of sadness and spite.

However, she metamorphoses into an adult. She charges at the Mumm-Ra controlled Sycorax. After a short battle, she crystallizes the Sycorax with her wings' Caracara-infused scales. As the crystallized remains shatter, Mumm-Ra emerges in his raven form while fleeing, thus saving the day from Mumm-Ra. She was last seen flying away with her master.



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