"Lion-O’s Anointment, Second Day: The Trial of Speed" is the forty second episode of ThunderCats (original series).


On the second day of his Anointment Trials, Lion-O must race Cheetara through the dangerous lands of Third Earth. Though Cheetara is by far the fastest among the ThunderCats, her speed can only last for a short time period. After that, she runs as fast as any other ThunderCat. Lion-O takes a shorter, but more dangerous, route to make up for Cheetara's advantage.




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This is the first of the three Anointment Trials which the Mutants attempt to disrupt and thereby keep the ThunderCats leaderless. They had not attempted to disrupt the Anointment Trial of Strength the day before, and they are not involved at all in the Anointment Trial of Evil three days later.


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