"Lion-O's Anointment, Fourth Day: The Trial of Mind-Power" is the fiftieth episode of ThunderCats (original series).

Lion-O must overcome Tygra's mental powers and face his greatest fear.


The scene changes to Hook Mountain, where Lion-O must beat Tygra at a test of mind power. The Tiger Clan on Thundera were given special mind powers that enable them to produce illusions to their enemies. Lion-O must be able to distinctly separate the real from the unreal. Lion-O is clever enough to see past Tygra's illusions, and is able to earn his ThunderCat insignia during the fourth day of his Anointment Trials.




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This is the third and last of Lion-O's Anointment Trials which the Mutants attempt to disrupt in what proves to be a vain attempt to keep the ThunderCats leaderless.


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