"Lion-O’s Anointment, Final Day: The Trial of Evil" is the sixty first episode of ThunderCats (original series)

Lion-O must defeat his greatest enemy, Mumm-Ra, to complete the trials.


On the fifth and final day of his "anointment," Lion-O, to prove himself worthy to be the Lord of the ThunderCats, has to defeat his greatest enemy--the demon-priest Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living. He manages to find a way into Mumm-Ra's black pyramid tomb fortress, and discovers that Mumm-Ra's sarcophagus is the real source of his power. He thus defeats the demon-priest by throwing Mumm-Ra's sarcophagus into the evil cauldron. This is the first time that Lion-O truly defeats Mumm-Ra.

It is the moment of truth when Lion-O finally faces off against Mumm-Ra. Before this, Lion-O has to fight demons and other monsters. When he finally reaches Mumm-Ra, Lion-O, for once, cannot employ either the Sword of Omens or the Claw Shield, but instead is forced to employ his fists, his feet, and finally his wits to win. In the end, Lion-O's hard work has paid off, and he has proven that he is not just Lion-O, but much more--that he is truly the Lord of the ThunderCats.




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