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Legacy is the seventh episode of ThunderCats, the 2011 TV series.


The episode begins with Lion-O and the rest of the ThunderCats resting at the Tower of Omens after their ordeal with Mumm-Ra. Lion-O continues his inspection of the Book of Omens, wondering if the Book could be technology of some sort that needed power. After fiddling with the Book further, despite Snarf's worries, he gets shocked and falls unconscious to the floor. With a flare of energy, the Book of Omens envelopes Lion-O in wisps of energy that pull the Lord of the ThunderCats into its depths.

Lion-O appears within a fusion of magic and technology, coming face to face with Jaga, the late high cleric and former Guardian of the Crown. Jaga tells Lion-O that the rules of life, death, and reality are different within the Book of Omens. Lion-O asks if the Book will tell him how to defeat Mumm-Ra, but Jaga only says that the Book's all-seeing record of the past will show only answers, and that he must relive the events within the Book of Omens to truly understand what those answers mean. With a wave of his staff, Jaga sends Lion-O into the distant past to live in the footsteps of his ancestor Leo, telling him that he must succeed as his ancestor had or risk losing the information with the Book of Omens, sealing it forever.

Traveling through space in a pyramid-shaped spaceship, Lion-O (in the body of his ancestor Leo) stands in a large throne room, advanced technology all around, with a holographic viewscreen before him. Fiddling with a terminal, he sees an image that looks like the Eye of Thundera, what Mumm-Ra the Ever Living calls a War Stone as he walks up from behind. Lion-O realizes that his ancestor was a Commander under the rule of Mumm-Ra, and that the evil lord was after the Warstone to complete the Sword of Plun-Darr. Lion-O/Leo does as Mumm-Ra asks and shows him the location of the War Stone on the viewscreen pin-pointed by the Book of Omens. Mumm-Ra contacts Captain Tygus, telling him to ready his fighter pilots and move in once Leo's landing forces locate the Warstone.

Lion-O/Leo leaves the bridge/throne room as he tries to understand how his ancestors could have helped Mumm-Ra. Without realizing it, he walks into a vast holding area, filled cell after cell with prisoners from all types of species. Each cell has an energy shield keeping the prisoners in, with armored Thundercats guarding them. Lion-O/Leo hears a woman's voice and turns to see Panthera as she enters the prison area. She goes over the strategy to invade the planet where the Warstone is located with Lion-O/Leo, saying that tiger sharks will be used in the oceans, monkeys and canines on the land, and vultures will monitor the skies.

As Lion-O/Leo and Panthera begin to move the prisoners out of their cells, a riot breaks out, forcing them to fight to maintain order. The leaders of the riots (from their respective species) are taken away by Panthera to be placed in solitary confinement. After she and Lion-O/Leo place the reptile leader Rezard and jackal leader Shen in a holding room, Panthera unlocks their shackles. Lion-O is faced with the reality that Leo was part of a rebellion fighting to defeat Mumm-Ra before he could retrieve the War Stone. Discussing their options and involvement, Panthera tells the group that Leo needs the help of the other animals in order to defeat Mumm-Ra.

As Mumm-Ra's army invades the small world, he and Lion-O/Leo watch from the bridge/throne room. The evil lord mentions to Lion-O/Leo that the cats inspire hatred amongst the other animals, and that a rebellion could be Leo's downfall. Captain Tygus contacts Mumm-Ra, informing him the War Stone was obtained. Mumm-Ra immediately sends Lion-O/Leo to retrieve the stone from Tygus once he arrives.

Before Leo is to meet with Tygus, Panthera takes Lion-O further into the ship. Several blacksmiths (cougar species) appear and give Lion-O/Leo the Sword of Omens and the Gauntlet of Omens. Lion-O understands what it is that he needs to do and leaves to meet Tygus as he returns to Mumm-Ra's ship. Lion-O/Leo takes the War Stone from Tygus and the captain tells him he will never unite the animals in order to defeat Mumm-Ra. Despite the tiger's doubts, Commander Leo places the Warstone in the Sword of Omens, causing the stone to become the Eye of Thundera in a flash of light, heralding the rise of a new Lord of the Thundercats. With a parting kiss from Panthera, Lion-O/Leo heads for his final confrontation with Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living.

Upon entering the bridge, Lion-O/Leo informs Mumm-Ra that he has the stone, but he is not getting it. Mumm-Ra is casually surprised, but more so that Leo had forgotten about the other stones the evil lord had already obtained. Lion-O/Leo confesses his obvious oversight, taking notice to the three stones embedded within Mumm-Ra's gauntlet. Knowing that Leo could never succeed where other nations had failed, he activates his Sword of Plun-Darr and attacks the rebel ThunderCat. After a short melee, the Eye of Thundera overpowers the magic of Mumm-Ra's gauntlet, causing one of the three stones to fall loose. Mumm-Ra becomes enraged, calling upon the energy of the other two stones he still possessed. In dramatic fashion, the Armor of Plun-darr is revealed. Mumm-Ra, in immortal form, attacks the puny Leo, blasting him from the bridge's main floor. Thinking that he had won, Mumm-Ra tells Leo how helpless his rebellion is...just as Lion-O/Leo pulls himself up from over the edge and slowly stands to finish what he started.

The two clash swords in the middle of the bridge/throne room, energy arcing, and Lion-O/Leo uses the Eye of Thundera to overpower the Mumm-Ra, sending him flying over the edge of the bridge. Wasting no time, Lion-O/Leo uses the bridge's terminal to release the prisoners in their cells. The captives fight their guards as Lion-O/Leo appears to them on holographic screens throughout the ship. He calls on them to join him in his rebellion to take the ship, showing them the sword he carried now adorned with the War Stone. In a shout of triumph, the prisoners fight on.

Mumm-Ra reappears near the bridge behind Lion-O/Leo and attacks. Lion-O/Leo is overpowered by the onslaught and slammed against a wall. Telling the commander how weak he is. Lion-O/Leo saw that two of the power stones on the Gauntlet of Plun-Darr was fused together. Just then, Lion-O/Leo remembers the stone he still held in the palm of his gauntlet after blasting it out of Mumm-Ra's gauntlet and places it in a slot on the gauntlet's surface. Energy erupts around the stone as it engulfs the gauntlet and the rest of Lion-O's/Leo's body, transforming his physical size and stature as the Armor of Omens forms around his body, leaving him in new, super-powered suit of armor, now making him a physical match for Mumm-ra in his new armour. Lion-O/Leo and Mumm-Ra the Ever Living have their final confrontation, battling outside of the ship after Lion-O/Leo uses the Sword to blast Mumm-Ra through the very walls of the ship and outside into space. The two exchange blows whilst using their new super-powered armour to fly around in the vacuum of space outside the ship. Mumm-Ra is finally beaten back, and is blasted through the ship and back onto the bridge by the Sword of Omens, where Lion-O/Leo finds him barely able to lift himself. The Sword of Omens is raised for a final blow and crashes down on Mumm-Ra's gauntlet, breaking the remaining two stones free. With a smoking howl, the form of Mumm-Ra the Ever Living dissolves back into a frail form wrapped in bandages. Lion-O/Leo walks up to the cowering mummy, recognizing the Mumm-Ra from his own time. Lion-O/Leo collects the fallen stones and places them in his own gauntlet, a crowd of onlookers cheering him on.

In an instant, alarms sound and the spaceship begins to fracture due to the damage caused by their battle worsening and falls towards the planet. Panthera uses the bridge's terminal and sees a magnetic disturbance between the planet and its moon that is causing the ships damage to increase and fall apart, plunging them towards the surface. In the chaos, Mumm-Ra opens his sarcophagus and seals himself in before Lion-O/Leo can stop him. Panthera smashes the controls so no one else can open the evil lord's tomb. As the ship falls to the surface, the crew bracing for impact, Lion-O's consciousness returns to the realm where he first encountered Jaga upon entering the Book of Omens. Lion-O finally understands that Mumm-Ra is after all of the other stones from his experience and Jaga tells him that they have been scattered by winds of Time across the surface of Third Earth and that the Book of Omens will be the ThunderCats' guide to finding them. Jaga tells him that the stones alone cannot defeat Mumm-Ra and Lion-O says that he must unite the animals against the evil lord.

Upon hearing this, Jaga sends Lion-O out of the Book of Omens and he awakens to find the other ThunderCats from his own time standing over him, concern in their eyes. He stands up and tells them that he knows what he has to do.






  • There is a brief cameo by SilverHawks' Mon*Star.
  • The TigerSharks in this episode are reminiscent of the original Thundercats sister series, TigerSharks.
    • Based on character Mako.
  • In this episode we find out that there are in fact four "Power Stones", though the others are not named on screen.
  • There are several other species in this episode which include monkeys, jackals and vultures, which were references to characters from the original series such as Jackalman and Monkian and Vultureman. New versions of Jackalman, Monkian, and Vultureman now called Kaynar, Addicus and Vultaire, appeared later on in the new series.


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Lion-O / Leo: I'm so dead... But at least I have a girlfriend!

Lion-O: Relax, I cannot break The Book of Omens.

Lion-O: (After defeating Mumm-Ra) Now, that's Mumm-Ra I know and love.


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