‘’Leah is the one hundred sixteenth episode of ThunderCats (original series)


The Ancient Spirits of Evil bring a creature called the Mirror Wraith to Mumm-Ra, and he disguises it as a child's toy. Mumm-Ra then intercepts a Thunderian escape pod which carries in it a little girl named Leah. He gives the toy to the child Leah, and leaves. She is rescued by the Thundercats and goes into New Cat's Lair with the doll.

During the night the "doll" comes to life and tells her that if she tells the Thundercats that it (the doll) is alive, it will use its magic to prevent her parents from ever finding her. At first she complies, but after the creature continues to damage the Lair, Leah decides to tell Lion-O and Snarf what is happening.

The Mirror Wraith manages to subdue all the Thundercats except Snarf. He and Leah realize that the creature travels from place to place through the mirrors in the lair. So the pair use fire-extinguishers to cover all of the mirrors in the lair, trapping the creature in a dimensional limbo and saving the other Cat's.



If you are being hurt, don't keep it a secret.



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