First appearance | Leah (episode)
Last appearance | Leah (episode)
Name | Leah
Gender | Female
Species | Thunderian
Affiliation | ThunderCats
Weapon(s) | None
Voiced by | Lynne Lipton

Leah is a young Thunderian girl who crashes in the Jungle of Darkness.


Leah was on a ship headed for New Thundera with her parents. Unfortunately the ship was damaged and all abourd got into the escape pods. Leah's pod quickly made its way to New Thundera where it landed in the Jungle of Darkness. Mumm-Ra saw this as a chance to destroy the Thundercats from within and secretly gave her the Mirror Wraith, disguised as a child's doll, to destroy the Thundercats from within their own Lair.

During the night the Mirror Wrath, pretending to be harmless, threatens the girl. Telling her it will use it's powers to prevent her parents from finding her and New Thundera if she tells anyone that it is alive. At first she does as she's told, but after the creature attacks the Lair. Leah tells Lion-O and Snarf the truth about what's been happening. When the Mirror Wraith manages to subdue Lion-O. Snarf and Leah realize that the creature travels from place to place through the mirrors in Cat's Lair. So the pair use fire-extinguishers to cover all of the mirrors in the lair, trapping the creature in limbo and saving Lion-O and the others.


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