Kidworks Toyline
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Name | Kidworks Toyline
Affiliation | ThunderCats

Kidworks was a toy company that produced a line of Miniature ThunderCats figures in the 1980s. Many of these figures were similar in appearance to their LJN Toyline counterparts and often came with their weapons and/or accessories. However, these figures did not have articulation or movable parts.


These were released in all country lines.

These have been confirmed to have been released in America and Venezuela.

Venezuela exclusive figures which appear to be the plastic statues that came with 2nd line LJN Line toys: Lion-O, Tygra, and Cheetara.

Vehicles, Playsets, Accessories & Multi-Figure Packs



In America "Kidworks" made the original line of the plastic statue figurines. The figure's packing cards had a white splash design on the front and pictures of other toys in the Miniature line on the back.


In Canada the figures were also made by Kidworks. The figure's packing cards had a plain black background on the front and nothing printed on the back.


In Venezuela they licensed them to a company called "Unitoys".


In Argentina they licensed them to a company called "Papeleria Francesa" which has a PF logo on its items.


In Brazil they licensed them to a company called "Glasslite".


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