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Journey to the Tower of Omens is the 6th episode of Thundercats 2011 TV series.


As the Cats journey to the Tower of Omens, some secrets about the Book of Omens and the history of the ThunderCats are revealed. Mumm-Ra claims the Eye of Thundera belonged to him and that the ThunderCats stole it from him long ago (Mumm-Ra mentions this in the first part via a flashback that shows Mumm-Ra the Ever Living leading an assault on another world, with the help of ancient ThunderCats, to retrieve an item known as the Warstone, which would later be known as the Eye of Thundera once it was embedded within the Sword of Omens).

By the luck of Snarf, the Cats discover they are already at the entrance to the Tower of Omens, and upon entering, find out they must pass a series of obstacles in order to reach the Book of Omens. After the failure of the Lizards to discover the entrance to the Tower, Mumm-Ra decides to find the Book of Omens himself, leaving his Pyramid in a sarcophagus tank (similar to Panthro's ThunderTank). Mumm-Ra reaches Slithe and his army before the Mutant can destroy the lantern holding Jaga. The evil lord uses the dark lantern and Jaga's knowledge to finally pinpoint the exact location of the entrance to the Tower, allowing Mumm-Ra to reach the Tower just after the ThunderCats (and bypassing all of the traps that the Cats had to pass through).

Lion-O and party make it through the obstacles and reach the Tower of Omens, which is hidden behind a waterfall. Using Sight Beyond Sight, Lion-O discovers the switch to reveal the Tower's true entrance. As Lion-O and Tygra try to get to the top of the Tower, Panthro and Mumm-Ra battle it out. Mumm-Ra calls upon the Ancient Spirits of Evil and changes to his more powerful form, easily taking out Panthro before continuing upward to the top of the Tower (blasting an invisible Tygra off of him in the process). Lion-O reaches the top of the Tower only to find Mumm-Ra the Ever Living blocking him. As they battle for the Book, Lion-O uses the Sword of Omens, sending the Cat signal into the air. This boosts Cheetara's energy, allowing her to speed up the sides of the Tower's inner walls to reach Lion-O as he fights Mumm-Ra. She kicks the evil mummy, making him pause, but she is struck full force with Mumm-Ra's power, sending her flying over the edge of the Tower's top level. Lion-O rushes to Cheetara's aid, but is also struck by the force of Mumm-Ra's power, causing the Lord of the ThunderCats to fall. It is in this moment, when Mumm-Ra rants about killing Lion-O's father and states that he also wishes to kill Lion-O, that Jaga intervenes by releasing himself from the dark lantern with his last remaining power in the form of an intense white light, causing Mumm-Ra the Ever Living to shriek, shield himself, and flee in the form of a raven.

As the group mourns the loss of their old friend, a green speck of light rises from the broken lantern Jaga was kept in. It floats to the top of the Tower, resting on the Book of Omens itself, and releases a mechanism that lowers the Book toward the Thundercats below. Lion-O grabs the Book, opening it up to read, and Tygra asks what it says. Lion-O shockingly reveals that the Book of Omens is blank.





  • Each member of the group contributes to finding the Book of Omens:
    • Snarf - Pulling on a piece of fruit reveals the entrance to the temple
    • WilyKat & WilyKit - Pick the lock on the door of the key-filled room instead of spending time trying to find the correct one
    • Panthro - His inability to swim causes him to sink to the bottom of the flooded room immediately and thus discover the trap door to escape while the others swim to the top and would have most likely drowned eventually
    • Cheetara - Her speed allows her to pass the though the hallway with the spinning blades untouched in order to shut them down
    • Lion-O - Uses the Sword of Omens to find the trigger to activate the bridge to where the Book is kept
    • Tygra - Uses his whip to activate said bridge due to it being located where no one would be able to safely climb down to it


Mumm-Ra: You are much like your father.

Lion-O: (Angrily) What do you know of my father?

Mumm-Ra: Only that I killed him!

Tygra: (after seeing Cheetara rush up the walls) Huh!

Panthro: Close that mouth, you're drooling