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Javan was Tygra's biological father.


As the leader of the Tiger Clan, he eventually had to make a choice in regards to either kill his son, and save his people from a sickness, or save his son, and let his people die. Unable to kill Tygra, he put his son in a floating balloon basket, and let him go. Years later, when Tygra returned, he had to make the choice again: save his son or his people.


Javan bears a strong resemblance to his son, Tygra, with the exception of their eyes (Tygra's eyes are brown, while Javan's are pale blue). Like all Tigers, he has orange fur with black stripes, with the addition of a thick white beard covering his chest.


Chief of the Tigers, Javan is both an imposing figure but also kind and gentle. He was the only one among his inner circle who considered letting go of their pride and seeking out the other cats for help when their people suffered from a plague. When they refused to let go of their pride, he hesitantly consulted with the Ancient Spirits for a solution, but was devastated when they demanded the death of his infant son, Tygra.

Though Caspin seemed to convince him that the lives of the clan outweighed a single life, Javan refused to kill his own son, proving he loved him too much, and placed him in a balloon-tied basket and placed his son's life in fate's hands. Even when his actions brought upon his people a horrible curse, a fact he was truly regretful of, he refused to apologize to Caspin for refusing to kill his own son.

When he met his son years later, fully-grown, at first he welcomed him and told him that pride cost the Tiger Clan everything but knew Caspin and his followers would try to kill Tygra to appease the Ancient Spirits, and seemingly disowned Tygra, calling him weak, in order to drive him away. The action broke his heart, but it showed he would rather his son live and hate him then allow him to be killed.

When Tygra let go of his own pride and forgave his father, the curse was broken, and Javan was both happy and sad, for the plague had killed him and his clan, but the curse kept them neither alive nor dead. Since the curse was lifted, Javan and the Clan were at last able to pass on to the next life, and Javan told Tygra how much he loved him and was proud of him, giving him a farewell smile before he vanished into the light.



Javan was Tygra's biological father. He had a great deal of love and affection for his infant son. When the two met again after Tygra had grown up, Javan was very happy to see him. When his spirit was finally freed, his last words to Tygra were that he would continue to watch over him.




  • Javan's name refers to the real life Javan Tiger, an extinct subspecies of tiger that was native to the Indonesian island of Java. The fact he was named for an extinct species of tiger likely alludes to the fact Javan and his clan were already dead when Tygra finally met them.