Jagara[1] is an ancient ThunderCat Sorceress. She guards the Mighty Gyroscope on New Thundera.


Mumm-Ra once put a spell on her so she reversed the Gyroscope and the ThunderCats almost floated away. Lion-O used the Sword of Omens and released Jagara from the spell which allowed her to fix the Gyroscope. Unfortunately, though, Mumm-Ra stole part of the regulator so its functionality was significantly impared. She struggled to keep the machine working before Mumm-Ra finally destroyed it. Then Lion-O was able to use the Sword of Omen's powers as a substitute until they could build a new machine.



  • Her name is commonly misspelled "Jaguara" on fan sites. However her name in the scripts for Return to Thundera parts 2 and 3 have her name being Jagara.


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