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Jaga is a ghost protagonist and the former Master of Thundera before it blew up in the 2020 animated series, ThunderCats Roar.


Alive on Thundera

Like the rest of the group of ThunderCats, he was from the planet Thundera, which blew up. He was the Master of the ThunderCats, and taught a adolescent Tygra how to be a Master when they were on Thundera. Jaga also dealt with Grune the general of the ThunderCats, when had became jealous of the King. Jaga ended up sending Grune into space.

Jaga also had to fight off a mutant invasion that threatened life and the in enslavement of the thunderians. Jaga fought and defeated all the mutants, then fought their leader, Ratar-O. Ratar-O fought him, first with the Rat's Eyes swords and then the Sword of Plun-Darr. Jaga defeated him both times, using the Sword of Omens. Afterwords, he took the Sword of Plun-Darr to a volcano and threw it in. It sunk to the core of Thundera, which caused the planet to blow up.

A Ghost in the Astral Plane

After the planet, Thundera, was no more; his spirit saw the ThunderCats escape the explosion and get chased by the mutants to Third Earth. Jaga ended up in the Astral Plane, where he lives in a cave. When Lion-O and Tygra got trapped in the Astral Plane, Jaga took on training Lion-O at Tygra's request. Lion-O ended up performing the sword moves for conjuring a Portal home. Tygra and Lion-O left Jaga, which said his home is the Astral Plane. Jaga can be seen later at Cats Lair watching everyone enjoying themselves playing video games.

Later, Jaga made a visit to Cats Lair. Tygra and Lion-O had invited him to do a tour of the Cats Lair. Blurting out that he knew why Thundera had exploded, Cheetara and Tygra asked him to tell the story of the grim fate of Thundera. At a later date, when battling Mumm-Ra while possessing the Sword of Plun-Darr, Jaga counseled Lion-O, which led to Lion-O coming up with the idea that he being held by the Cat's Liar mech hands can act as a tool to control the Sword of Omens.


Jaga is a bit egotistical, but enjoys a good laugh. He seems to be a all around nice guy. He is full of stories and advice.

Physical Description

He is presently a ghost with a blue wardrobe. When alive he had a yellow and grey-blue design wardrobe. In both forms, he sports a white beard, helmet, and cape.

Powers and Abilities

He is a master of magic, and can perform many tasks. When alive, along with wielding the Sword of Omens, can also shoot lightning from his hands and objects, can form constructs such as a guitar and a crystal prison.

In his afterlife, he has so far been shown to being able to do ghost abilities such as float, go through solid walls and objects, and distort his appearance. However, he also still seems to retain his knowledge on magic, shown when he was able to conjuring a portal, and change his cave's appearance as needed.



  • He has said that for about six years, he had dated a robot.[1]


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When Alive