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Jaga was the greatest warrior of Thundera, who briefly acted as Lord of the ThunderCats, being the wisest of all of his clan.


Jaga is the mentor and warrior master of all Thundercats. Still in Thundera, Jaga was the leader and founder of the lineage and philosophy of the Thundercats who would defend peace and justice and keep alive the sacred code of Thundera. Jaga was one of the greatest members of the Thunderian council and was also a great, faithful and true friend of King Claudus father of Lion-O. He will indeed be his successor as Lord of the ThunderCats and keeper of the Sword of Omens after Claudus was blinded fighting the Mutants. Jaga was once good friends with Grune until the latter's betrayal.

Jaga always took care of and loved Lion-O as if it were a son and at the time of the flight of Thundera he led and protected the Thundercats at all times. A very important factor is that Jaga is the true master of the Sword of Omens where the Eye of Thundera is the greatest source of power of the Thundercats. Jaga is an absolute connoisseur of the real and seemingly endless power of the sword. Unfortunately, he was also indirectly responsible for the destruction of Thundera, for by defeating Ratilla, he seized Plunn-Dar's sword and cast it into the deepest canyon on Thundera and embedded it in the core of the planet. The sword's attempts to escape caused the explosive tremors which destroyed Thundera and necessitated the evacuation.

During the exodus from Thundera, Jaga commanded the Royal Flagship of the ThunderCats, manned by Cheetara, Tygra, Panthro, Wilykit & Kat, Snarf and the then 12-year-old Lion-O. After being attacked by the Mutants from the planet Plun-Darr the ship was badly damaged, and while the ThunderCats completed the journey in suspension capsules, Jaga chose to pilot the ship to their new home, knowing that he would not complete the journey. He died just before reaching Third Earth. Jaga's spirit form appears as a mentor to Lion-O.

Physical Description

Jaga was a Thunderian male, bald with white hair on sides, thick white eyebrows, and ginger-orange eyes. He was an almost elderly ThunderCat with a skinny but still some physique before the Exodus from Thundera. His coat is light blue in color with a light blue and browm helmet with some ornaments. He used to wear an old sword but used to hold the Sword of Omens on behalf of Claudus on Thundera before the Exodus. Like most Thunderians, he has fangs, claws, and slit-pupils.


Unless otherwise noted, it is in his spirit form.