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Jackals in battle.

Jackals or Jackalmen are a canine sapient race residing on Third Earth. Like the Thunderians and most of the other major animal races on Third Earth, they arrived on the planet ages ago after they escaped enslavement from Mumm-Ra which they are currently at risk of falling into servitude with once again.

Origin and History

Shen, an ancient Jackal leader.

Thousands of years ago, the Dog race were one of the many alien races enslaved under Mumm-Ra. Their Jackal leader at the time, Shen conspired with the leaders of the other races Leo, Panthera and Rezard to rebel against Mumm-Ra and gain their freedom. With their forces united and Leo's victory over Mumm-Ra, they succeeded in gaining their freedom, however Mumm-Ra's ship fell off course and landed on Third Earth. Eventually the Dogs and the other races would re-establish their civilizations on this new planet.


Many centuries later Mumm-Ra would return and seek to take over the world once more. As part of his plans, he recruited the Lizards into his army with false promises and would later proceed to recruit a vicious Jackalman by the name of Kaynar in hopes of not just finding a new general but in the hopes of also enticing others of his kind into joining his army.


Ancient Jackals resembled humanoid versions of the dark-colored canines for which they were named. Having the heads of a Jackle and humanoid bodies which made them resemble the Egyptian god Anubis.

In ancient times it appeared that Jackals made up the majority of the Dog race while at present only few are seen.

While Jackals still retain much of their ancestors' physical appearance, Kaynar is a modern Jackalman whose appearance drastically differs from those of his ancestors, having shaggier light-colored fur and slightly feline facial features which make him look very feral. The exact reasons for this are unknown.

Known Jackals

  • Shen (ancient Jackal leader)
  • Kaynar
  • Dobo (sometimes referred to as a Jackal, but is in fact a Dog.)