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Jackalman is a member of the evil Mutants. He is the leader of the Jackelmen from the planet Plun-Darr.

Character information


General Jackelman

Jackalman is usually an obedient lackey unless opportunities for greater power readily present themselves. In one instance, Jackalman rebels against the other Mutants in order to assemble his own army, which consisted of Molemaster and the Driller; he was quite impressed with himself and preferred to be called General Jackalman. As General he wore a star on his armor and he wielded Slithe's axe.

At other times, Jackalman betrays his allegiance when working with either Mumm-Ra or Monkian. However, Vultureman would be considered much more of a traitor than Jackalman. In the five-part episode "ThunderCubs", when Vultureman and Jackalman discover the ThunderCats plans, Jackalman suggests that Slithe would be very interested in that information, but Vultureman insists they inform Luna of the Lunataks instead. Jackalman is taken aback at this proposal and calls Vultureman a traitor of mutantkind.


Jackalman is often the Mutant responsible for humorous remarks. In the episode "Lord of the Snows", Jackalman runs to Castle Plun-Darr, and when some of the creatures in the moat try to grab at him, he yells, "Get back, it's me you fools! I live here!" This is one of the many examples of Jackalman's snide sense of humor.

Cowardice and caution

Jackalman is also probably the most cautious of the Mutants. Whenever Slithe announces an attack plan or expedition, Jackalman tends to question whether it is prudent. Because of this, Slithe often accuses Jackalman of being cowardly. In the episode which first introduces Vultureman and his flying machine, Slithe insists they use it to attack Lion-O while he's alone on Hook Mountain; when Jackalman has concerns for safety in the flying machine, Slithe calls him a cowardly dog and tells him he can stay at home if he is too afraid, so Jackalman remains behind.


In the episode "The Mountain" (and several others), the Mutants demonstrate that they have little regard for thanks. After Lion-O saves Jackalman's life and later demands the return the Sword of Omens (which Jackalman stole while Lion-O was unconscious), Jackalman instead derisively snickers, "Never do a favor for a favor!" Lion-O lets out an infuriated roar at hearing this ingratitude. Jackalman also mentions in the episode that he believes the ThunderCat code of honor is a handicap and tells Lion-O not to expect any appreciation from him. Likewise, in the episode "Tight Squeeze", when Lion-O, Cheetara, and Panthro save Slithe from falling off a cliff, Slithe merely mutters in a sarcastic tone, "Thanks ThunderCats," before using a mighty sweep of his tail to send them tumbling over the cliff along with his nosediver.

Skinny build

Jackalman is the scrawniest of the Mutants, but his spindly anatomy does come in handy in the episode "Tight Squeeze". Finding their weapons sealed out of reach within the Sword Chamber, the ThunderCats must rely on Snarf to crawl through the ventilation shaft to fetch the Sword of Omens. Jackalman is sent after him as neither Slithe nor Monkian could fit. Although hesitant at first, Jackalman is soon crawling the shaft in pursuit, proving more surprisingly nimble in navigating the tight corners than even little Snarf. At the end of the episode, Snarf admits he has gained some pounds lately.




The Thundercats' continuity was continued in the comics. During one of those particular stories, Jackalman betrayed his fellow mutants during the "Dogs of War" miniseries. While it was temporarily decided that the Thundercats, the mutants and Mumm-Ra all worked together to dispose of their enemies, Jackalman betrayed them all by siding with the dogs, whom he considered to be his cousins. He hoped to be named as duke or right hand to the dog king, but the dogs were eventually all defeated. The mutants were allowed to return to their home planet, Plunn-Darr, and the mutants took Jackalman with them, only to see him properly punished by having him do their bidding


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