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Hot Licks is a weaponized electric guitar used by Bluegrass of the SilverHawks Series.


Shown with Bluegrass in his bio review on Earth, it is clear he has used Hot Licks as a weapon and a music instrument for quite some time. Stargazer questioned him taking Hot Licks with him, calling it a toy. Bluegrass demonstrated some of its abilities, and Steelheart was impressed. He later took on Melodia and her Sound Smasher, and ultimately won.

Physical Description

A white electric guitar, the laser blasts out of the head of the guitar.

Powers and Abilities

It can fire a blue energy stream that mimics/uses a combination of lasers and sound wave. It is shown to be a especially effective weapon at long range. He also used it at one point to get emergency propulsion for the Hot Seat, when the engine was taken out in battle.[1]




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