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HawkHaven is the planetoid headquarters of the SilverHawks, a kind of interstellar police department meant to maintain law and order in the Limbo Galaxy, a small galaxy located outside the boundaries of the Milky Way.


Three hundred years[1] before 2839 (around year 2539), Stargazer assigned and came to Limbo Galaxy. At some point in the first one hundred years, Stargazer caught and put way the Bounty Hunter.

On the 40th day of the year 2839, Stargazer reported to Earth command that Penal Planet 10 saw the break out of Mon*Star and his gang. At that point he requested help. Earth command sent a short time later the SilverHawks team of: Quicksilver, Bluegrass, Steelheart, Steelwill, and the Copper Kidd. They took over leaving Stargazer to desk work and leading the team from his desk.

Physical Description

HawkHaven is a planetoid or moon orbiting Bedlama. It consists of a

  • Hanger Bay -- the landing & ship parking areas for the Mirage, Space Racer, Sprint Hawk & other vehicles.
    • Laboratory & Repair sections -- where the Steel Twins do their work to maintain HawkHaven, the ships & Seymour's Cab. Presumably where The Fighting Hawk were designed & constructed.
    • Elevator Car & Shaft-- transport to & from the Hanger Bay & all other areas of HawkHaven.
  • Command Center
    • General Work area- Circular work space near the top of HawkHaven with seats & computer stations for monitoring the Limbo galaxy.
    • Commander Stargazer's Office- Stargazer's private work space inside the hawk's head area. In it are
      • Stargazer's desk & file cabinets. The desk's surface is a control console. The file cabinets hold weapons & supplies used previously by Stargazer.
      • A wall mounted monitor screen to see video communications & transmissions from Tally Hawk or other Fighting Birds.
      • A tunnel entrance from the outside of HawkHaven, large enough for Tally Hawk or The Fighting Birds to pass through.
  • Power Room --this room was only mentioned in dialogue. Buried deep within HawkHaven, it's presumably the room or series of rooms where the power generator & support equipment for HawkHaven is located. Mon*Star & Hardware are shown sneaking into HawkHaven & attempting to reach this area in the episode The Blue Door
    • Escape Hatch --this was a door label shown in the lower reachs of HawkHaven. It leads from the cooridor to a transfer tunnel leading into space. Mon*Star & Hardware are shown blown out into space when they enter, by accident.
  • Communications Dish --oft damaged piece of equipment at the very bottom of HawkHaven. It is most often shown receiving messages from Tally Hawk, in the form of a blue beam of light.

Powers and Abilities


Note, not all SilverHawks members can be assumed to live at HawkHaven. Condor was living on Bedlama, and it isn't clear if he moved onto HawkHaven or simply traveled there to work.


  • The elevator car was shown once going through the top rocky surface of the base, out into space.


  1. From SilverHawks Animated Series, Episode: The Milk Run, (TS: 19:09-19:), Stargazer says "The Equalizer? Haha, brought it here with me when I was assigned to Limbo Galaxy. It was the latest model, three hundred years ago."