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Hardware is the mechanic and weapons expert of Mon*Star gang. He is also considered one of the most important members of the Mon*star gang to the Silverhawks. [1]


Hardware's back history may be unknown, but unlike most of Mon*Star's lackeys he was never on the Penal Planet before episode "The Hardware Trap, Part 2" and also gets along well with locals at Fence. That suggests that he is also knowledgeable about avoiding authority. He is the source of most of the mob's weapons and technology, and has created some of the most dangerous problems for the SilverHawks.  As he was the one who created Sky Shadow, he is presumably the one who also created the Mob member's bird partners.


As suggested in episode "The Hardware Trap, Part 1", he gets along with fellow outlaws, and is also respected. However, he has a love/hate relationship with Mon*Star, and he has been angry with Mon*star at least twice[2][3] in the shows run over non-payment for his devices. He also personally hates Quicksilver for locking him up.[4]

Powers and Abilities

Hardware has limited physical ability, though it is suggested that he has a good deal of strength, his body is short and not very agile. However, his technological skills are what make him so valuable. His abilities to hack and dismantle equipment is one of his most recognized talents, not to mention robotics, cybernetics, and even chemistry. He carries a variety of weapons and tools in his Roll-Up Bag, meaning that as long as he has access to it, he has a weapon or tool for any situation.