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Glasslite was a Brazilian toy company that produced and distributed ThunderCats toys for the Brazilian market. The company also produced the vintage Star Wars and Dinosaucers toy lines in Brazil. Apart from producing the standard 6" ThunderCats figures, Glasslite also produced a line of Miniature ThunderCats figures and playsets.

While there were a number of minor differences between the Glasslite and the LJN toys, the most notable difference was that Glasslite figures' torsos were held together by screws instead of glue like the LJN and Playful figures. For this reason, all ThunderCats figues produced by Glasslite had three screw-holes on their backs.

Also, while the evil characters in the Glasslite toyline were packeged on blister cards similar to the LJN packaging, the good characters had a completely different packaging. The good ThunderCats were packaged in boxes with open fronts and the figures inside encased in blister with a cellophane covering.

Glasslite also produced a child-sized Sword of Omens, similar to the LJN toy sword .

The toys were produced in three waves:

Series 1

  • Lion-O
  • Panthro
  • Tygra
  • Cheetara
  • Mumm-Ra
  • Lion-O Deluxe Edition (with PVC Snarf and Light-up eyes)

  • ThunderTank (Thundertanque)

  • Sword of Omens

Series 2

  • Jackalman (Chacal)
  • Monkian (Simiano)

  • SkyCutter (Nave Navalha)
  • ThunderClaw (Thunderjet)

Series 3

  • Slithe (Escamoso)
  • Mummy Mumm-Ra
  • Vultureman (Abutre)

  • NoseDiver (Mergulhador)
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