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Ghemakain (also known as Professor Ghemakain) is the Professor back on Earth that Stargazer contacts many times asking for help. He appears to be in charge of the all weapons, ships, and fitting personnel in the SilverHawk suits.


His instruction and research are what lead to the SilverHawks bionic bodies were developed. With the General's recommendation that they picked the right personnel for the mission. As the SilverHawks demonstrated their abilities, the High Ranking Officer tested them with a remote controlled Combat Drone, which the SilverHawks defeated. The High Ranking Officer then said that "Your SilverHawks have done you proud gentlemen!" which was aimed at Ghemakain and Rawlings.

Later, when Stargazer came to Earth for a refitting, Ghemakain was supposed to be the one doing that, but Mo-Lec-U-Lar locked him in a room at the station and Mo-Lec-U-Lar transformed into Ghemakain to put a Meltdown Disc in his arm.

Powers and Abilities

He is a inventor and developer. He holds his job to high regards, and takes pride in his inventions and tech being good and responsive as intended.