Woodforger gami.png
First appearance | The Forest Of Magi Oar (episode)
Name | Gami
Gender | Female
Species | Unknown
Affiliation | Wood Forgers
Weapon(s) | Enchanted Paper

A member of the Wood Forgers and a disciple of Zigg, Gami is a skilled practitioner of the Paper Arts. Alas, like her teacher and fellow student, Nips, she lusted for more power and selfishly cut down many trees to be made into paper in their paper mill, leading them to become enemies with Viragor.

Powers & Abilities

Gami is taught well in the Paper Arts and uses origami in her magic, such as making a life-size dragon of paper or even a flaming crane. But if her notebook is destroyed, her magic is dispelled and her origami creatures return to normal paper, leaving her powerless.



  • Gami's name comes from Origami, the Japanese Art of Paper-Folding; The Term Origami itself is derived from the words "Ori" meaning folding and "Gami" meaning paper. Do to the similar lettering (both in English and Japanese) "Gami" can also be compared to the word "Kami" the Japanese word for "God".

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