‘’Frogman is the one hundred seventeenth episode of ThunderCats (original series)


Wilykit and Kat are constructing a well for the New Cat's Lair on New Thundera. The Thundercats receive a distress signal from Thunderian refugees trying to find their way to New Thundera.The Kittens are left alone with Snarf on at the New Cat's Lair, and Lion-O and Snarfer are out constructing an early warning device (I guess for weather purposes). The rest of the Thundercats seek out the refugees in space.

When Wilykit and Kat strike water, they accidentally unleash a monster called Frog Man that Jaga trapped in the underground lake centuries ago. At frist Frog Man pretends to be an old friend of the ThunderCats to trick Kit and Kat by being nice. So when Lion-O recives a warning from the Sword of Omens that they are in danger from Frog Man, Lion-O at first misreads the warning as a mistake. Jaga then appears that the sword did not make a mistake. Jaga tells Lion-O that long ago Frog Man came to Thundera because his own home had dried up. He tried to flood Thundera in order to make the planet his new home. Thanks to Jaga he faild and was sealed into the well.

Frog Man eventually ends his deception after he's tied up the Thunderkittens. He then goes to try and flood New Thundera. Lion-O and the other ThunderCats find and free the Thunderkittens. And together they all go to confront Frog Man. When they do find him he is trying to flood the New Cat's Liar useing mud-water and a tornado. Lion-O calls upon Jagara to help him, she does so by increasing the Sword of Omens ability to manipulate the weather. Lion-O uses the new power to send the Frog Man's storm back at him, throwing him back down the well, and ending his schemes.




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