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The Forest of Magi-Oar is an echanted forest located on Third Earth. The forest is under the protection of the Forest Guardian, Viragor.


The Forest of Magi-Oar is a place of holy significance, filled with spiritual inhabitation.

It is a realm to enchanted trees that are alive with great magic, while under the protection of an ancient guardian named Viragor.

Overtime a group called the Wood Forgers came to the forest to seek their dream by studying the art of paper making. Viragor allowed it, but only under the condition they only make their paper from the fallen dead trees. But Zigg (the leader of the wood forgers), and his disciples Gami and Nips, were not pleased with the amount of paper being produced and instead constructed the mill, which would cut down a huge amount of trees, thereby damaging the balance and equity of the forest.

It wasn't until the arrival of the ThunderCats that the wood forgers were defeated and the balance of the forest was stable once again. In return for the ThunderCats help and assistance in this matter, Cheetara was rewarded with a new staff while Lion-O learned to master Sight Beyond Sight.

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