‘’Fond Memories" is the sixty fifth episode of ThunderCats (original series)


Under the guise of Dr. Dometone, Mumm-Ra lures Lion-O into a battle against four of his most formidable enemies Rataro, Safari Joe, and others in an attempt to eliminate the young ThunderCat.

Mumm-Ra takes Lion-O to a gallery of the ThunderCats accomplishments. However, the pictures can come to life and Lion-O must battle them. Once the other ThunderCats arrive they end up in trouble and Lion-O is confronted by Mumm-Ra who has made himself into a carbon copy of Lion-O. It's Lion-O VS Lion-O and the battle is a draw, until Lion-O shows Mumm-Ra his reflection.




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Hoverboard; Third Earthlings; Thundrillium; Thundrometer;

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