Flicker is a small insect-like robot created by Jorma.


Flicker is a small sized robot capable of firing small electric pulse blasts called "GigaSparks". Flicker first met the Thundercats after his creator reunited with his old friend, Lion-O. While Jorma tried to help the Cats, some robots belonging to a creature known as Soul Sever attacked the Cats and stole something very important from them. When the Thundercats decided to go get it back, Flicker volunteered to join them.

Upon tracking down the robots, Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro and Flicker discover that the Soul Sever planned to use the power of the book to find vessels for the three spirits of his family. Soul Sever then decides to "upgrade" the Cats as well after catching Tygra trying to steal back the book. As they are about to be killed, Flicker frees Lion-O, but is attacked and damaged by Soul Sever. As Lion-O battles Soul Sever, Tygra's spirit is given a robotic form. But the robotic Tygra suddenly goes on a rampage. Robo-Tygra consumes the souls of Soul Sever's family simply to survive and Soul Sever states that a powerful charge equal to the Book will short circuit him. Lion-O asks Flicker to use a GigaSpark on the book which he does, stopping Robo-Tygra and freeing all the trapped souls. Unfortunately, this act appears to be the end of Flickers life. The Soul Sever wonders aloud how he was able to make the decision to sacrifice himself, to save Tygra. He claims that its programming should have prevented such a thing, at to which Lion-O remarks that it was not his programming but something else instead (implying that robots do have a soul). Flicker is later seen rebooting as the Soul Sever looks on with interest.



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