Flashback is the green SilverHawk which was introduced in episode "Flashback". He is the second new SilverHawk to join the SilverHawks stationed in the Limbo Galaxy. His bird partner is Backlash.


Flashback is an experimental SilverHawk from the future. In his first appearance, he met with an aged Stargazer and was shown that the other SilverHawks had perished while trying to stop one of Hardware's most devastating creations. He traveled back in time, and prevented the demise of the other SilverHawks while solving the problem. When he returned to his own time, Stargazer looked as he normally was throughout the series and Quicksilver was with him.

He is currently with the SilverHawks of 29th century Limbo. He seems very loyal and respects the legacy of the SilverHawks.[1] His rank is Captain. At some point, he was partnered with Backlash.


Flashback is an advanced SilverHawk. He has greater strength, speed, and so on compared to the original SilverHawks, though he is not as strong as SteelWill seemingly. He has a higher melting point and increased armor as well. He also has the standard equipment, such as wings to glide, talons for aerial combat, and lasers for general combat. In addition to the above enhancements, he has special time traveling abilities.

The full extent of his time travel abilities is unknown, even to himself. In his first appearance, he went back in time, possibly before his own creation, and changed the past. He can also transport himself physically to another time and place. He can also use his powers to rewind time, granting him the chance to fight while knowing every move his opponent will make.


  • At one point, Stargazer was going to get a new SilverHawk suit that looked a lot like his called the "Fastback".[2]
  • Unlike other Silverhawks, his true face was never shown.
  • Flashback has decidedly large, oddly shaped eyes, indicating he is likely not a human.



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