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Flashback is the green SilverHawk introduced in episode "Flashback". His fighting hawk is Backlash which shares his "Time Warp Effect" abilities. He is the second of the new SilverHawks to join the SilverHawks stationed in the Limbo Galaxy. Hotwing predated him, followed by Moon Stryker and Condor.


Flashback is an experimental SilverHawk from the future. In his first appearance, he met with an aged Stargazer and was shown that the other SilverHawks had perished while trying to stop Hardware's Combustion Crystal. He traveled back in time, and prevented the demise of the other SilverHawks by stopping them, and also taking out the Crystal. When he returned to his own time, Stargazer looked as he normally and Quicksilver was with him. Another time, Flashback came with Hotwing to investigate the Special Delivery Ship which was missing it's pilot and cargo. The cargo in question was Stargazer's Total Mobility System Case that without it, Stargazer would parish. Flashback and Hotwing came to Asteroid Trash two times, the first to talk with Larry and the second to get the suit case from Mo-Lec-U-Lar that was disguised as Larry. In the end, they were successful.

At another date, Flashback with his fighting hawk Backlash followed Hardware, that was using a Galactic Time Warp to go back in time. Hardware went back to the time the SilverHawks were on Earth, getting ready to go the Limbo and come to their newly assigned post, HawkHaven. Flashback found himself having to thwart and number of Hardware's tries at taking the Mirage out. Ultimately Flashback stopped all Hardware's attempts, chased him back through the time warp, then Flashback destroyed the time warp, stopping future uses of it.

Physical Description

He has a green colored SilverHawk suit. Interestingly, his feet are somewhat bird like, unlike the rest of the SilverHawks that have human feet. His face is mostly covered at all times, but doesn't seem to have the ability to totally cover his mouth area. His oddly has large colored purple eyes that suggests he might not be human, instead being a alien species.

Powers and Abilities

Flashback is a experimental SilverHawk with time travelling abilities, the "Time Warp Effect".[1] He can use it to time travel back in time at least for a somewhat long period. It isn't known when the demise the the SilverHawks was, but considering they were mentioned in the history books,[2] that suggest years, likely more than a few. So he can on his own travel years back in past, and change history. However, Flashback tends to use his Time Warp Effect for minor time travel around two minutes or so in the past. At one confrontation with Timestopper, it was revealed that Flashback can reverse time before Timestopper can stop time.[3]

His suit is built with much the same abilities as a normal SilverHawks. Such abilities being: shoulder jets, upper arm jets, heel jets, talons, and wings. He additionally has a built in radio transmitter to talk with Stargazer's office desk, which is built into his chin.[4] Early on, he was noted for a higher melting point of at least 8 million degrees[5] and increased armor as well.



  • At one point, Stargazer was going to get a new SilverHawk suit that looked a lot like his called the "Fastback".[6]
  • Unlike other Silverhawks, his true face was never shown.
    • He also was never shown wearing casual wear.
  • Flashback has decidedly large, oddly shaped eyes, indicating he is likely not a human.


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