‘’Eye of the Beholder" is the sixtieth episode of ThunderCats (original series)

Eye of the Beholder
Original Airdate December 13,1985
Episode Number 60
Written By Kenneth E. Vose
Season 1

The ThunderCats play a joke on the Mutants by creating a forgery of the Sword of Omens for them to steal, only to have it backfire on them, when the Mutants capture Snarf and abandon him in Mumm-Ra's Pyramid.


Panthro makes a fake sword of omens, planing on playing a practical joke on the Mutants. But the joke backfires when the Mutants capture Snarf as well. Lion-O must rescue Snarf and defeat the Mutants and Mumm-Ra once again.




Main Characters
Guest Characters


Ancient Spirits of Evil; BerbilEye of ThunderaJagareptilian; spaceboard; Sword of OmensThunderTank; Trollog

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