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Captain Tygus procures the War Stone.

The Eye of Thundera (aka the War Stone) is a powerful stone (or crystal) that once belonged to an alien civilization to power their particle cannon. The stone was later retrieved by the ThunderCats and currently resides within the Sword of Omens and wielded by Lion-O.


Long ago, Lord Mumm-Ra learned of its existence and sent his fleet of warships to besiege the planet. His servants included the ancient ThunderCats who served their demonic master by attacking the world. Among his minions was Captain Tygus who led the assault on the city containing the War Stone where he was ordered to destroy anything that kept him away from it. Ultimately, he managed to slay several of the alien defenders and placed his hands on the War Stone which shrunk into a smaller red crystal that became the basis of the Eye of Thundera. This relic became one of the treasures in Mumm-Ra's possession along with three other such gems.

But before he could get the War Stone, Mumm-Ra's commander Leo began his rebellion against his master and rallied the other animals against him. Securing the War Stone from Tygus, he placed it within the newly forged enchanted blade known as the Sword of Omens.

The Eye of Thundera

With its power, Leo battled Mumm-Ra and deprived him of his other gemstones whereupon he was imprisoned within the Black Pyramid before it crashed on Third Earth. The forging of the Sword of Omens protected the War Stone which became the Eye of Thundera with powerful enchantments to prevent Mumm-Ra from regaining it.

After Grune freed Mumm-Ra, the undead being once more sought to reclaim the War Stone which he claimed was one of his treasures. This brought him into conflict with Lion-O and led to the devastation of the kingdom of Thundera.



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