Eye of Thundera
First appearance | Exodus
Last appearance | The Book of Omens
Name | Eye of Thundera
Affiliation | ThunderCats

Eye of Thundera is a red orb that has a cat-eye image in its center, which can change to the head of a cat.


According to Tygra, it was believed that the Eye was only from myths and legends as it has been kept secret from other thunderians as a precaution from anyone who wants to steal the eye. It has been passed down to the rulers of Thundera and currently It is mounted on the legendary Sword of Omens. As of now, Lion-O is the keeper of the Eye and of the Sword of Omens.

Powers and Abilites

Its special powers are:

  • To summon the ThunderCats
  • Sight beyond sight (a type of remote viewing)
  • It demonstrated healing abilities, once
  • Source of all Thunderan life