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Exodus (The Movie) was the 1985 TV movie consisting of the first four pilot episodes of ThunderCats: Exodus, The Unholy Alliance, Berbils and Slaves of Castle Plun-Darr . It was released on VHS with a running time of 75 minutes. The movie had several differences with the single-episode versions. Many of the scenes were longer than the ones from the DVD release. The movie had a VHS release both in the UK and US. The VHS version has not been released on DVD.


UK VHS release by "The Video Collection"

From the cover of the UK VHS

"From beyond any known galaxy, bringing with them the laws and ideas of their doomed planet, come the ThunderCats. These brave and courageous cat-like humanoids carry with them the powerful Sword of Omens, which contains the mysterious Eye of Thundera- the source of the power of all ThunderCats. But there's also a treacherous band of hideous mutants from the planet Plun-Darr who want the sword. Crash landing on Earth, the ThunderCats battle these evil creatures who are aided by the supernatural powers of the deadly and mysterious Mumm-Ra. You'll experience many incredible adventures in this epic science fiction saga."

Extended Scenes

A number of scenes in the movie are longer than they are in the single episode version. Some examples:

  • Extendedscene1.jpg
    A scene from the beginning of the movie; Jaga tells Cheetara to wake Lion-O, Tygra says that "Jaga's right". Wilykat's remark is cut from the episode version. He says "Jaga's always right" Then Panthro informs us "..not always, if he was he'd left a smartmouthing little squirt like you behind, Wilykat.."
  • There is another scene when Slithe and Jackalman are facing Lion-O in the sword chamber.After Lion-O tells them they wont have the sword while he lives Slithe replies "That would suit me just fine!".

  • Extendedscene2.jpg
    There is a scene where Wilykat locks his sister Wilykit in one of the suspension capsules, so during Jaga's farewell, she is locked up. This scene was cut from the single episode version.

The Lost Intro

The VHS release also features an extra; a short introduction of the main characters and the plot. It features alot of unique animation, some stock animation and some scenes from the first episode. This intro is known as The Lost Intro, as it hasn't been released again, although some of it was used in the episodes Lion-O's Anointment First Day: Trial of Strength ,  Snarf Takes up the Challenge and Safari Joe , when Mule gives Joe prey specifications.

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