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‘’Exile Isle is the one hundredth episode of ThunderCats (original series)


The Thundercats capture the Lunataks and exile them to Exile Isle, an island in space far away from Third Earth. When the Lunataks arrive, they meet up with Captain Cracker, a pirate who the Thundercats also exiled. Together, the Lunataks and Captain Cracker send out a distress signal to a passing ship. When the ship comes near the island, the Lunataks send up a cloud of fog, which makes the ship crash. They use the ships engines to push the planet out of orbit and towards Third Earth. Snarfer crashes on the island when it runs into his ship.

Lion-O goes to rescue Snarfer and stop the island because it has a deadly gas that will blow up if it enters Third Earth's atmosphere. He leaves the Sword of Omens behind. He gets cornered by Captain Cracker, but the Sword awakens and flies to Lion-O's hand without him even calling for it. He then uses dirt to stop the engines, and the island eventually returns to orbit. The Lunataks, still stuck there, turn Captain Cracker's home-base into a ship and fly back to Third Earth.




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