Emrick is a male member of the Petalars race.


After a great wind blew their kind from their home in the Garden, the Petalars were relocated in the lands of Briar Wood where Emrick was born as part of the quick lifespan of his race. His birth came at a time when the ThunderCats had arrived in the woods and met with the Petalars.

Whilst his people were scared initially of the outsiders, Emrick showed childlike wonder and went before Lion-O where he bombarded him with numerous curious questions. His actions sparked a friendship between the ThunderCats and the Petalars who told them of their origins as well as their desire to return home. Lion-O ultimately agreed to take them to their mythical Cliff of Winds. After Emrick is snatched up and dropped by a strange bird-like creature, he 'returns' to the main group as a teenager and acts like he's been away for a long time. Lion-O is initially confused by his friend's quick aging and Cheetara tells him that Petalars live their entire lifespan in a twenty-four hour time period.

When the lizards attacked Emrick decided to fight them, but after Lion-O beats the lizards for him Emrick gets mad at him. When the lizards burn down the forest Emrick is now a young man and he tells the others that the fire is creating updrafts after this Emrick is seen as a dying old man. Lion-O apologizes to him for not getting him to the Garden, but a dying Emrick tells him that what matters in life is how fully a person lives their life. Lion-O has flashbacks of Emrick's life to this moment after this Emrick dies.


Like the rest of the Petalars, Emrick appears to only be a few inches tall. Purple petals around his head represents his hair and the bulk of his body is stem. As he ages, he begins to show hints of a beard.


Emrick wields a sword made fron a long, thin thorn. Two small leave just out near the base, giving the impression of a hilt.


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