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The Elephants are a giant grey-skinned race brought to Third Earth when the black pyramid fell.


In Sight Beyond Sight, the ThunderCats encounter a colony of spiritual Elephants who don't have a very good memory. The Elephants were in possession of one of the missing magic stones the Thundercats were searching for. Unfortunately, they didn't know where the stone was currently located. Later, after the Thundercats left the village temporarily. The Elephant village was conquered by Grune and his forces. Thankfully the Thundercats returned in time to save the village and it's people from the lizards occupation. The elephants being peaceful meditated briefly on their role in the battle. They ultimately came to the conclusion that they must fight. They helped the ThunderCats once again in "What Lies Above, Part 2" where they help to fight Mumm-Ra on Avista.

Known Elephants


  • The fact that the Elephants don't have good memory might be a play on the saying, "An elephant never forgets." They can, however, remember certain things if they are important enough.
  • It should be noted that only male Elephants have ivory tusks
  • The Elephant People seem to be based on the Hindu philosophers of India. They even speak with an Indian accent.
  • The Elephant People are also based off the Hindu deity Ganesha who had the head of an elephant.
  • While normally peaceful, they can be formidable fighters, though this is normally done in defense of their village, or to help out a friend.